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Innovating for a Healthier World

AMETEK is a global leader in electronic instruments and electromechanical devices.

AMETEK has more than 15,000 colleagues at nearly 150 operating locations and a global network of sales, service and support locations across the United States and in 30 other countries worldwide.AMETEK's Corporate Growth Plan is based on four key strategies: Operational Excellence, Strategic Acquisitions & Alliances, Global & Market Expansion and New Products.

AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration supplies material testing machines and force measurement instruments that provide the highest level of performance and capability for production testing, quality control, laboratory testing, research and education. Chatillon, Newage, Davenport and Lloyd are just some of the world-renowed brands manufactured and supplied by AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration.

Used to determine the physical and mechanical properties of raw materials and components and ideal for product testing of finished goods such as plastics, packaging, medical devices, electronic components, textiles, metals, composites, paper and more, AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration manufactures and supplies universal testing machines (UTM) and tensile testers worldwide.

A comprehensive range of material testing machines, hardness testers, polymer testers, force measurement machines, digital force gauges, torque gauges, grips, fixtures, load cells and accessories is backed up by an impressive customer support program that includes technical support, field and factory service capabilities, calibration and more.


AMETEK Overview
Materials Testing Equipment for the Medical Device Industry


Chatillon Force Measurement instruments suited for measurement on applications up to 5kN. Chatillon offers force gauges, torque gauges and test stands for force measurement on a wide range of materials such as plastic, rubber, textiles, wood and electronic components.
br>John Chatillon & Sons Company was formed in 1835 in New York, and the year 2010 marked the 175th anniversary of Chatillon products and innovations in force measurement and weighing.

Cosmetics Testing with the TCM Series Force Testers
How a Force Tester is Made
Lion Cage Testing
Packaging Testing with the TCM Series Force Testers
Pull tests on crimped wire terminals
CS Series Digital Force Tester
How to Perform a 180 Degree Peel Test for Peak Force Measurement
How to Perform 180 Degree Peel Test on Syringe Blister Pack
Highlight Pen Cap Testing
CHATILLON DFS II R-ND : Digital Force Indicator (product video presentation)
CHATILLON DFX 2: Economical Force Gauge (product video presentation)
CHATILLON DFE 2 - Digital Force Gauges (product video presentation)


Lloyd Material Testing is originally known as JJ Lloyd Instruments, today Lloyd Material Testing has been recognized worldwide as the standard for accurate, dependable material analysis and testing for more than 40 years.

Our test systems and data analysis software have gained great acclaim for their ease-of-use, excellent reliability and precision measurement.

Lloyd Material Testing covers high quality single and dual column materials testers suited for materials testing on application up to 150kN. Under the Lloyd Material Testing brand you will find specialized material testers for texture analysis, MDI testing and friction testing along with universal material testers suited for a wide range of materials such as plastic, rubber, textiles, wood and metal.

LD Series Materials Testers 5 to 100 kN
Case Story - Plastic Testing on OneLeg stools
How to Perform a 45 Degree Peel Test on Food Packaging
How to Perform Puncture Resistance Test on Plastic Film
Innovation Within The Plastic Industry
Packaging Testing with the LS Series
Seat Belt Testing
Texture Analyser TA1 Peanut Butter Testing
Texture Analyser TA1 Spaghetti Compression Testing
Texture Analyser TA1 Spaghetti Flexural Testing
NEXYGENPlus Tutorial – Statistical Features


Newage Hardness Testers is an expert in hardness testing and a leading innovator in solving hardness testing and characterization problems for over 50 years. We manufacture hardness testers and durometers, in accordance to ASTM and ISO standards for Rockwell, Brinell, Knoop and Vickers application, plus Durometers for testing rubber and other materials to ASTM and IRHD standards.

We also provide a complete array of accessories, including software application packages for analysis, optical scopes, blocks, indenter, anvils, etc. We specialize in engineering and manufacturing custom automated testing systems and providing system integration services that are uniquely engineered to meet your exact testing requirements.

Newage Hardness Testers can provide you with preventative maintenance services, calibrations, proficiency testing and emergency services for your Newage or competitive hardness testing instrumentation

Introducing the Newage® MT91 Microhardness Traverse Testing System from AMETEK
Measuring Brinell impressions with the innovative B.O.S.S. System


Davenport are polymer test instruments developed for accurate polymer testing. Davenport offers specialised melt flow indexers along with the PETPlus IV testing machine.

Davenport allows critical polymer parameters to be determined, including melt flow index, melt flow rate and intrinsic viscosity (IV) measurement of moisture-sensitive PET polymers.

Polymer Density Measurement
Intrinsic Viscosity (IV) Measurement Tutorial
NEXYGENPlus PET Tutorial